Updated Navigation Bar

I have coded a new Navigation bar to accommodate for the old navigation bar being filled up, This new design changes and moves alot of links. The Download links, Wiki Links, Skull links, and cape links have been moved to the tab called "Site Links". The Account tab has also been changed a little to be more user friendly and also look nicer. Two new links were added in the "Site Links" tab under the Tools header, These links are an easy way for developers/owners to work with Base64 easily and quickly. The Tools Header in the "Site Links" tab will hold little tools that I develop for everyone to use. Hope you guys enjoy these updates.

Posted: 25th October 2016

New website design!

Yup, as you can see the website has obtained a new design. This design will help the site load faster and also make it mobile friendly. There are some new features with the chat page, and other pages that require a login. There is also some backend changes with the pages, If you have any questions or need to report bugs with the website or my plugins. Enjoy, brainsynder

Posted: 31st August 2016

Re-working Accounts

I will be re-working the account system for my site. I will try and keep everyone posted on to what is changing and what is staying the same.

Posted: 26th August 2016

New Chat page

A brand new chat page was created to chat with anyone or to get help.

Posted: 23rd August 2016

New site theme?

My site got a new look. This new look (beta) will be constant with my whole site. The site will be getting constant updates to fix bugs, also change looks, and add new pages. Hope you enjoy the new look.

Posted: 15th August 2016